1. Buy a guitar
  2. Learn to play the guitar
  3. become “rockstar” (read: play on stage in front of audience at least once)
  4. Visit New York City.
  5. Visit London
  6. Visit South Africa
  7. Run a marathon
  8. Run a marathon barefooted
  9. Write a book
  10. write an e-book
  11. Play boxing
  12. play golf
  13. Travel all states of the country (India)
  14. Learn to drive an automobile
  15. Capture timelapse videos while driving
  16. Drivelapse and cover major highways of the country
  17. Attend WordCamp
  18. & hopefully meet Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp
  19. meet beatthegmat
  20. meet pagalguy
  21. meet Chris Pirillo
  22. meet Matt Cutts
  23. Visit GooglePlex
  24. meet Dr. Abhay Bung
  25. meet Dilip Kulkarni
  26. start blogging
  27. Make money from blogging
  28. Start a business
  29. become webmaster, run websties
  30. own domains
  31. own paid webhosting services to run websites (self hosted)
  32. buy domain with my name on it
  33. buy .me domain
  34. become an engineer
  35. deliver kickass speech on graduation send-off
  36. take GMAT
  37. apply for MBA programs abroad
  38. specifically aim-wsc
  39. make your mom & pop proud
  40. Become SysAdmin
  41. Run Linux on command prompt (CLI)
  42. Work on Linux CLI like a pro
  43. Learn HTML
  44. Learn CSS
  45. Learn JavaScript
  46. Learn PHP
  47. Custom maps on Google Maps
  48. Use Google Maps API to built map app
  49. Use Here Maps API to built map app
  50. Create videos for YouTube
  51. Earn $ and make money from YouTube videos
  52. Use YouTube API to built video app