Resolutions to keep

There ‘re few interesting resolutions worth to mention in my TTBID blog.

  1. Do not ask for print receipt at ATM booth unless you really have to show it to someone else.
  2. I would not use crackers, and fireworks on Diwali & shall keep it calm, & peaceful Diwali.
  3. Same goes for Holi, I would not play with colours or waste water on Holi.
  4. Take the minimalist’s approach at everything in life. To know more, check out this TEDx video
  5. [list to be continued…]

What’s in your mind? What are the resolutions that you think should be added here in the list? Let me know by commenting below.
While we set new year resolution every year some resolutions are worth to keep forever. & it doesnt have to be December to write about resolution; you can set resolutions any time of the year at the any stage of your life. 🙂

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