Monthly Archives: October 2009

Wishing what I want | Splurge

Today is my birthday and I received many wishes, from my friends and family. Thinking and reading all these messages, greetings wishes I thought to splurge my time on this blog. Well, you cannot call it a blog, it’s a kind of wish-list.
So typical message any birthday-boy (or girl, I’m not gender biased 😉 ) get is: ‘Hope you get everything you like and all of your wishes come true’
Reading all such messages obviously reminds me this website/wishlist pages that I never actually given proper justice. Today, I’ve decided to spend time on this wishlist page.
So hope you find new content and updated pages next time you visit!
PS: Spending time on your wishlist page is really fun! I highly recommend to have you such pages for yourself. Seriously! Really, do you want to create one? I can help you! click on home page to read details