Dont break the chain

Dont break the chain is motivational chart for your long term goals. It’s simple to use

  1. Name the task you want to commit to everyday.
  2. Mark-off the days you when you successfully worked.
  3. Do it every day & make a routine. (Your chart gets a long chain of tick-marks).
  4. Don’t break the chain. ( The chain will motivate you to do it regularly)
  5. Don’t break the chain.

I made this chart when I recently watched the Charlie’s video.  (WilsonTech1’s video actually)

When I searched for ‘don’t break the chain chart’ on the internet I got pdf files with 1 to 365 numbers in a boxed table. They are just numbers and that doesn’t make any sense for me. These charts available on the net don’t have months or weeks noted. A  7 x 52 table would have been OK but the one Charlie has on his wall is lot better. So I decided to make it one myself and share it with the internet.
Download & Print this pdf file. It’ll keep you motivated if you dont break the chain 😉 Thank you.

Courtesy Notes:

As you know I get the inspiration to make a chart from Charlie (‘charlie is so cool like’ of youtube) who learned it from internet (lifehacker probably?), who learned it from Jerry Seinfeld! Thank you Mr. Seinfeld, you’re real motivator and a legendary standup comedian (of course!)
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