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Owning a business

Since childhood I wanted to run a business.
The desire of doing business rather than serving in a company. Working on your own terms than doing job under some authority started becoming stronger as I started reading the pink paper, Economic Times at the age of 17.
But when I introspect I realised my weaknesses and knew it’d not be so soon I would build one.
I dont want to settle myself calling consultant or freelancer so I know I have to make it big. The process is continuous & on-going

Make your mom & pop proud!

I dont know whether I achieved it so far, but I think it’s a continuous process. It’s like a journey rather than a destination.
But surely I should mention here incidences when I felt that I was making my mom & pop proud.

  • Becoming engineer was certainly one of the important moment & I felt satisfied that I didn’t give-up and didn’t make my mom & pop  ashamed of myself for not completing it. (or should I say less ashamed? 🙁 But I’m glad and relieved that it’s over.
  • Making sense, staying with parents and sticking to roots and principle is again in a way making my mom & pop proud! Hey have you checked my Google Profile page? go & follow me there if you dont.

learn to play the guitar

well, it’s a continous process right? so you cannot mark it “checked”
But I’d mark it check when I will be in position to perform in front of good no. of people.
Currently I dont play guitar & has got it rusty. but I want to learn good & polish it more.