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Meet Chris Pirillo

One of the guys I look upto. I used to watch his YouTube videos & websites. I learned a lot from him. Surely he has been a guiding star to many who are big names on the internet today.
Unfortunately his current videos do not appeal to pro-users anymore. He lives in Seattle (?), USA, and to meet him, I should attend the conference he hosts ( gnomedex) or any conferences that he go to.

visit South Africa

There are many reasons…
may not elaborate properly, but there must be something in that soil… Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela are the inspirations of course.
On the technology /IT side, we have billionaires & technocrats Mark Shuttleworth, Elon Musk. And my favourite marketing/hi-tech agency : QUIRK resides there.
I guess I’ve enough reasons to go and visit the country & taste its water.
sigh! when they’re gonna host next cricket world cup in SA?

Owning a business

Since childhood I wanted to run a business.
The desire of doing business rather than serving in a company. Working on your own terms than doing job under some authority started becoming stronger as I started reading the pink paper, Economic Times at the age of 17.
But when I introspect I realised my weaknesses and knew it’d not be so soon I would build one.
I dont want to settle myself calling consultant or freelancer so I know I have to make it big. The process is continuous & on-going

Make your mom & pop proud!

I dont know whether I achieved it so far, but I think it’s a continuous process. It’s like a journey rather than a destination.
But surely I should mention here incidences when I felt that I was making my mom & pop proud.

  • Becoming engineer was certainly one of the important moment & I felt satisfied that I didn’t give-up and didn’t make my mom & pop  ashamed of myself for not completing it. (or should I say less ashamed? 🙁 But I’m glad and relieved that it’s over.
  • Making sense, staying with parents and sticking to roots and principle is again in a way making my mom & pop proud! Hey have you checked my Google Profile page? go & follow me there if you dont.

learn to play the guitar

well, it’s a continous process right? so you cannot mark it “checked”
But I’d mark it check when I will be in position to perform in front of good no. of people.
Currently I dont play guitar & has got it rusty. but I want to learn good & polish it more.

buy a guitar

I bought a new spanish/ acoustic guitar in January-March (?) 2004. Got it from Girgoan, Mumbai.
I did pretty well research on that before buying & I dont regret it, I bought a good instrument. Many my friends fooled & bought bogus instrument.

Wishing what I want | Splurge

Today is my birthday and I received many wishes, from my friends and family. Thinking and reading all these messages, greetings wishes I thought to splurge my time on this blog. Well, you cannot call it a blog, it’s a kind of wish-list.
So typical message any birthday-boy (or girl, I’m not gender biased 😉 ) get is: ‘Hope you get everything you like and all of your wishes come true’
Reading all such messages obviously reminds me this website/wishlist pages that I never actually given proper justice. Today, I’ve decided to spend time on this wishlist page.
So hope you find new content and updated pages next time you visit!
PS: Spending time on your wishlist page is really fun! I highly recommend to have you such pages for yourself. Seriously! Really, do you want to create one? I can help you! click on home page to read details

Hello world!

Welcome to thousand things to do before I d!e list. Well, the list is SO BIG that I thought to blog about it. I would list all those things which I wanna do before I d!e & would also try to write some description, some reasons, why, when, its status etc .. maybe..
We’ll see.
I’ll disable the comments here but you can join me at my blog on GMAT & stuff network & enjoy the ride 8)