Meet Chris Pirillo

One of the guys I look upto. I used to watch his YouTube videos & websites. I learned a lot from him. Surely he has been a guiding star to many who are big names on the internet today.
Unfortunately his current videos do not appeal to pro-users anymore. He lives in Seattle (?), USA, and to meet him, I should attend the conference he hosts ( gnomedex) or any conferences that he go to.

visit South Africa

There are many reasons…
may not elaborate properly, but there must be something in that soil… Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela are the inspirations of course.
On the technology /IT side, we have billionaires & technocrats Mark Shuttleworth, Elon Musk. And my favourite marketing/hi-tech agency : QUIRK resides there.
I guess I’ve enough reasons to go and visit the country & taste its water.
sigh! when they’re gonna host next cricket world cup in SA?

Meet Dilip Kulkarni

Mr. Dilip Kulkarni believes in सादा जिवन, उच्च विचार! sada jeevan, uccha vichar. He is editor of some magazies & have authored many books (with Rajhans publication, Pune)
One of his books, सम्यक विकास really transformed my thinking process completely.